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At Prosper Real Estate, we are committed to building a team of solid professionals who can make real estate dreams become a reality! Thanks to training, education, and access to the tools and support necessary to build career in real estate, Prosper Real Estate, and Founder Mark Schweller is the perfect starting point to launch a career or kick one that has stalled out back into gear. However, for someone who is interested in exploring residential real estate as a career, an internship at Prosper is exactly the right place to be. Today, we are excited to introduce a new asset to the Prosper Real Estate team, Ms. Abby Gamboa. Although Abby pursued it, it immediately became clear that she was an excellent fit for the team. Let’s learn a bit more about Abby.

Abby Started It All With A Simple Search on The Internet

With the title ‘serial entrepreneur,” it should be no surprise that Abby took the initial steps to work with Prosper Real Estate. She mentions early on that she knew she wanted to learn the intricacies of residential real estate from a top real estate agent. She had dabbled in real estate and fell in love with the idea of making houses and real estate transactions something more than just pricing, dates and numbers. However, she knew she needed more experience and to work with someone who has a proven track record of success. And it was with this specific search, Abby came across Prosper Real Estate. In fact, with nothing more than a simple Google search, Prosper Real Estate and Founder Mark Schweller became the top name that popped up on the computer screen. 

Abby started to do more research. She learned that Mark Schweller has a long history of successful real estate transactions, happy clients, an honest reputation, a strong market leader who builds high-performing teams of real estate agents. With little doubt that Prosper was the place for her to dip her toes into residential real estate, Abby picked up the phone and called Mark. 

The Intern We Didn’t Know We Were Looking For

When Mark picked up the phone, he knew Abby was the sort of intern that could add value to the team.

He explained, “I had always thought about having an Intern, but we are so busy, we never seemed to have the time and it was pushed to the back burner.”

Mark also noted that the ‘ideal’ intern would be someone who had the characteristics of a great Realtor: A self-starter, passionate, willing to learn, and most importantly, willing to do the work that successful real estate professionals have to put in. 

Abby’s initiative in calling showed Mark she was a solid fit! Additionally, Abby had done her research about Prosper and was able to “talk shop” in ways that many people can’t when they approach a new employer. Adding to her appeal, has a range of experience and knowledge that are both areas of interest and need in the office.

Gamboa, on the other hand, discussed how she wanted to learn the “real work” behind successful real estate agents. Abby was passioante about learning the intriciacies of the “invisible” work that happens in real estate.

Great interns see a need and fill it. And that is precisely what she is doing. From marketing, budgeting, training, and learning the art of selling, Abby is not only unraveling the the never-ending web of learning the business, but she is also able to begin doing the work as well. 

What Abby Is Excited To Share With Prosper 

However, if you ask Abby what she is excited to share with Prosper, her love for real estate and entrepreneurship shine. A few areas that Abby would like to integrate into real estate practices today include using digital communication platforms more effectively and ensuring that the next generation of homebuyers is educated to make intelligent homebuying decisions. One of the shortfalls that Abby sees is that many people her age and younger are not educated in financial literacy. Even more so, Abby explains, is the resources that exist to educate younger generations are not presented in ways that really “fit” more youthful generations of up-and-coming homebuyers. Her goal is to create avenues of knowledge that allow everyone to work towards home ownership in California.

Abby is also working on obtaining California Real Estate License. Her goal is to have completed the coursework and passed the California State Licensing Exam before the end of her internship with Prosper Real Estate. Then, with knowledge, tools, relationships, and a lot of training in her pocket, she can join the team and begin producing her own real estate deals as a member of the powerhouse Prosper Real Estate Team! 

Want to Learn More About Prosper and Explore Joining Our Team? 

Have you wanted to explore a career in real estate? Maybe as an intern? Or perhaps you already have your license and are ready to join a team that invites support, training, and success? Mark and Heather ask you to reach out by calling 1-925-819-1072 , setting up an appointment by emailing [email protected] Even better? Stop by the office to learn more about opportunities available located at 141 Sandcreek Way, suite D in Brentwood, CA.

And like always, remember, “We are here to help you Prosper in California”

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